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Sales Training
& Development

Melissa understands the impact that a well-trained and confident sales team can have on volume and revenue goals and will customize a training program focused on demystifying the complex reimbursement landscape. 

Take your team from great to EXCEPTIONAL by engaging with Guidance Redefined.

Melissa will work with your organization to leverage existing medical policy coverage and maximize pull-through.

With Melissa's experience and positive energy, your sales team will remain motivated as they become experts in how to execute on existing reimbursement opportunities and initiate advanced discussions with payers and providers.

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Melissa Coleman
Electrican's Tools


As an added benefit, Melissa will deliver the tools in an easy-to-use “Reimbursement Toolbox” designed to meet the immediate needs of the sales team.  

Guidance Redefined is proud to exclusively design the toolbox based on your resource needs and will offer personalized training videos to extend the reach of the training objectives. 


balanced learning environment that will combine reimbursement training (live or virtual) and in-field coaching. 

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Take your team from great to exceptional
by engaging with Guidance Redefined.


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